Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Decor

Fall blew into the Pacific Northwest today.  It really feels like Halloween outside and so I got started on my decorating.  I don't think its too early...only 2 days left until October!!

I tried to make most of my decorations this year. Or at least use more creativity than I have in the past.  We LOVE Halloween at my house and it is a month long celebration for us. 
Here are some items that I've put out already.

Caw Caw Caw-ute Entry:

The twig pumpkins are from Target. They were in the $1 section, and were only $2.50 each.  I fancied them up by putting them on candleholders and putting black maribou underneath.  I also put some ribbon around the middle of the candlesticks to add some Halloween spice.  The 2 crows were from the Dollar Tree. Score!

Freaky Family Room Mantel:

I think the glitter skulls are my favorite this year.  You can get them everywhere. Even the Dollar Tree!

Here's a lil' graveyard-ish scene...not sure where its final resting place will be (pun intended):


Spooky Formal Living Room:

I cannot take the entire credit for coming up with the glittery skulls, in glass, spanish moss combo. I was deeply inspired by this post at Let it Shine. That post got me kicked into full-on Halloween decorating mode! Thanks Alyshia!


I already owned the candle holder. I bought the glitter skull at JoAnn Fabric (they are also at the Dollar Tree). I got the Spanish Moss at the Dollar tree and the Spooky sign for 2.99 at Target.  About a $5 project. I loved it so much I made 2 of them!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these.  I am going to make a Halloween wreath next. Fingers crossed!

Halloween Preview

My daughter was really sick all weekend, so I haven't had a chance to add a new post. I am going to get one up today. 

Here is a preview:

More coming later...I just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten my ladies!!  Now off to make chicken noodle soup for my lil' sickie.  Poor girl.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Award Time!

Happy Friday everyone!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I received my first blog award from Chantel at Growing Up...Townsend Style!   Now it is my turn to pass the award on to 6 of you, listed below.

 Award Winners!:
1. Beverly at The 3 Clutters - She was my first follower and her blog is great.  Go Bev!!
2. Koo and Poppet - She has cute Etsy shop and blog.  I love her handmade misfit creatures!
3.  Hoity Toity Baby - Great blog content and great blog name.
4. Miss Mustard Seed - She is a fabulous painter.  Very intricate and very lovely.
5. Fiona and Twig - Anne is very creative and loves everything vintage.   I like her already!
6.  I'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor - Helene had her SITS day this week and that is how I found her.  Her writing is so witty, so funny and so TRUE!
Ladies - HERE is your award (loud applause).

As part of receiving the award there is a fun survey. After taking it, pass it onto the recipients you choose.

Here are the rules for the Over the Top Award:
1. You Can Only Use One Word in your survey answers!
2. Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers!
3. Alert them that you have given them this award!!!
4. Have fun!
Here is my survey::

1. Where is your cell phone? - Counter
2. Your hair? - Ponytail
3. Your mother? - Tired
4. Your father?- Busy
5. Your favorite food?- Italian
6. Your dream last night?- Weirrrrd.
7. Your favorite drink?- Tea
8. Your dream/goal?- Self-employed
9. What room are you in? Family
10. Your hobby? - Hairbows
11. Your fear? - Death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - Healthy
13. Where were you last night? - Bed
14. Something that you aren’t? - Mean
15. Muffins? - Ok!
16. Wish list item? - House
17. Where did you grow up? - Texas
18. Last thing you did? - Coffee
19. What are you wearing? - PJs
20. Your TV? - On
21. Your pets? - Dog
22. Friends? - Lovely
23. Your life? - Full
24. Your mood? - Focused
25. Missing someone? - BFF
26. Vehicle? - Liberty
27. Something you’re not wearing? - Makeup
28. Your favorite store? - JoAnn
29. Your favorite color? - Black
30. When was the last time you laughed? - Yesterday
31. Last time you cried? - Unknown
32. Your best friend? Many
33. One place that I go to over and over? Target
34. One person who emails me regularly? Trish
35. Favorite place to eat? Restaurant

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vase Craft

Happy Thursday!!  One more day...until the weekend, hang in there!

I got a teeny bit crafty and covered a vase with some twine that I bought in the $1 bin section at Target.

First I got all my supplies out, here is the twine (sorry my hand looks strange in this pic) :

I think I have a double jointed thumb...look at that weirdness!  It doesnt normally look like that...or maybe it does...reality check.

Second, I took the small vase from my powder room:

Next, I took my double sided tape:

I probably could have hot glued it, but I didn't want the twine to be permanent. I tend to get tired of decor somewhat quickly and I was worried that I would hate this vase in a week.  It makes me feel better knowing I can just take the twine right off, if I want to.

Next put a strip of double sided tape vertically down the side of the vase, then start wrapping the twine around around the vase:

Easy peasy!  Here it is whilst I wrap:


Then I put the vase back into the Powder Room where it lives:

I think it adds a lil' sumthin'...hopefully I can keep it there for a while before I change it again.  It would be fun to wrap it with coordinating ribbon for the holidays, too!  Just to have that little Punch O' Color. 
Run to target and grab your $1 twine!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 column blog and and My First Award!

I am volunteering at my daughter's school tomorrow...early bird style. So I will get right to it.

One tiny bit of boring stuff:

Can any of you tell me how to get my blog to have 3 columns? I am using one of the minima templates and I think I am supposed to insert some html to get the column on the left....?  The left side of my blog looks so lonely.
*UPDATE - I figured it out.  I went to Cutest Blog on the Block and they had step by step instructions. Super easy! Thanks Helene for the tip!

Now onto the juicy part:

I won my first blog award!  It was bestowed upon me from Chantel at Growing Up...Townsend Style!
Chantel has made my week!  Thanks Chantel, I am so very honored!

I will leave another post soon (I need to get some details from Chantel) to tell you how you can become a winner of this fabulous award, too!  I get to choose 6 people....So excited!

I also have been working on some Halloween decor that I can't wait to share. 

Mamma's off to dreamland now!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hutch - Before and After

I am a huge fan of Thrify Decor Chick , and she inspired me to refinish a piece of furniture that I was this close to giving away.  I thought I would refinish it before I decided if I wanted to keep it or not. 

Here is what it looked like before:

I always thought this was an eyesore, but it was so useful! I had nothing else to put in this spot and this piece was passed on to me from a family member that is no longer with us. I have a huge sentimental attachment to it, even though it was...well....u.g.l.y.  SO, I thought I would try to refinish it first to breath some new life into it. 

First, I removed the hardware and shined it up good. Then,  I primed the wood, then painted it with a quart of satin black paint and a sponge roller. 
In case I am the last one on earth to realize it, sponge rollers are THE BEST.  Zero brushstrokes and so easy!  I did have to use a small sponge brush for all the nooks and cranny's. 
The backing on the piece is just a piece of fiberboard...I think.  All I know is, it isn't real wood and I didn't know what to do with it. 

So, again, I referred to my lady, and her awesome idea of Paintable Wallpaper . 

I removed the backing, found some paintable wallpaper at Lowe's and covered the hideous fake wood backing.  I then painted it with the same satin black paint and reattached it.  Put the hardware back on annnnndddd.......

Here it is now:

Look away from the decor....I am still adjusting it!  In fact, I think I have rearranged it 10 times since I took this pic.  I am not even sure this piece is in the right room...but the point is that it looks SO much better! 
It took about 4 days ,with drying time, to get this done. 

Ok...I got un-lazy and took a close up pic of the painted wallpaper backing:

Then I rearranged the decor a bit:

Not sure I'm loving the decor....but the hutch looks WAY better!

Thanks for checking it out!

P.S.  Forgot to mention that I lightly distressed the edges...except I still have like 6 edges to go before its "done" !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Formal Living Room - Before and After

We have been working a lot lately on the formal living room.  There are soaring cathedral ceilings in the formal.  It was INSANE to paint the largest wall behind the fireplace. It was so scary watching my husband teeter on his tippy toes on the ladder. He rocked this wall though. We most recently painted the largest wall and I've been working on the mantle decor.  We shall not be defeated by this house!
Here is the Before:
Plain Jane walls, but it was awesome to start from a clean slate. By the way, this fireplace is huge.
My 2 year old can walk into it without bending.  It has to be one of my favorite things in this entire house. I have always dreamed of having a big BIG fireplace. 
Here are the latest pics of the room now:

Not too shabby, eh?
I am usually messing around with the mantle decor. I can't seem to get it just right.  I really don't want to clutter it up and I think it only looks right with a few big items on it.  These candle sticks are about 2-4 feet tall and yet they still look dwarfed by the big wall. Hopefully, someday I will get it perfect.
This is my favorite piece in the room. We are Disneyland freaks:
Have you ever seen hand-cut sillouettes made?  We had them done at Disneyland on our last trip and it took the woman about 2 minutes....yes, TWO minutes to cut all of these by HAND by just looking at us.  It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  You HAVE to check that out if you are ever there. It is a must see. (I told you we were freaks)
One more shot of the living room from the staircase: more:

We still have a little more painting to do. You can see under the window area that is not yet done.  I also want to get something to put on top of the curio cabinets.  Any ideas?

Let's review, shall we? :

Have a productive Thursday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't...I mean, DO fence me in

One of the first items we tackled at this house was building a new fence.  When we moved here the fence was completely rotten and falling down. 
Like This:
My hubby and his friend worked tirelessly all weekend to get most of the new fence up.  It took tons of wood, tons of concrete and much sawing and nail-gunning.  Oh, what fun we had!.....not.
Here is one side of the fence after the posts were in. Now we just had to wait for concrete to dry...tick...tick...tick:
And that was only one side.  There is the entire street side of the fence, too.
See here:

Then, there are 2 gates to build.....IN. THE. RAIN.

Doesn't this project look like it was just so much fun? NO??
How about in the rain AND in the dark?

See? NOW we are having "fun". 

After all of those good times, here is what we ended up with:
Sooooo worth it! It has been 2 1/2 years since this fence went up, and man, what a job! Mamma is so glad to have that checked off her list.  Onto the next!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Before and After - Powder Room

It's my Texas Bathroom!  Or at least that is what I call it.  I grew up in Texas and sometimes I get all nostalgic when I miss it, and that is the result of the inspiration in my powder room.  This is one of those projects that we thought would be fairly straightforward.  But, just like all of my "this will be so easy" projects, it ended up being more difficult than it should have been.  Everything went smoothly except the toilet install. It took like 4 days because of installation issues. My husband could NOT get the base screws to properly attach to the house's original thingies on the...oh forget it...i dont know what I'm talking about...It was hard, ok?!

I knew I wanted to gut the entire bathroom and put in a new toilet, sink, faucet, hardware, mirror, lighfixture and crown molding.  My dear hubby is the one that does all the labor around here, and he was so good about letting me add to the list of things I wanted to do in there. I think he felt safe that since it was a small room, I couldn't go too crazy with my wish list.

Anyway, here is the before pic of the downstairs bathroom.  Can you believe I lived in this house for 2 YEARS before we did anything to this room? 


HOW DID I NOT GO CRAZY!  Probably because there were 100 other more important things to tackle in this house first.

And now....ahhhhh, so much better!


This little box holds/hides extra TP.  What do you think? Wrong spot? Too big?

And finally:

Don't mess with Texas.

I grew up in Texas so I LOVE this.  I made it from a birthday card my best friend sent me.  I saved it for about 4 years before I finally framed and hung it.  It is perfect in my "Texas" Bathroom.

I am always messing around with the items on the shelf and I cannot seem to get it just right. Sometimes, I think the shelf is too low. Sometimes, I think the accessories are too small. Sometimes, I want to move the pic.  Sometimes, I feel like I nut, sometimes I don't. 

Hope you are having a WONDERFUL weekend!

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