Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Curtains, I tell ya, CURTAINS! 

We've been very busy with the leaking pipe issues in the last week.  2 appraisals and OMG expensive.

Soooo, I thought I would write a post about something I care about...I made curtains and I didn't sew a stitch!

I bought some fabric (half off!) at the fabric store and used iron on fusable webbing to hem all the edges.  It was very easy, compared to actually sewing.  The fusable webbing works and holds up so well.  

I knew I would never need to close these curtains, so I bought 2 of the shortest curtain rods I could find and that is what I used on each side of the windows. I hung them with little curtain hanging rings. 

At first they were just hanging there and I thought they would look better bunched up and tied. 
To achieve this "bunched up" effect on each curtain panel, I took some burgandy ribbon and a small cup hook (screwed into the wall behind each panel).  I tied the ribbon tight around the curtain panel, then hung the ribbon onto the cup hook. Then fluffed.

This fabric is sooooo lovely.

I love it!!!  I don't usually do burgandy, but I'm starting to become fond of it. 

I think I will have to change everything else in the room to go with these curtains!  I love them.  And the fact that I made them myself makes me really happy.

One more thing I did to give them a lil' something special...I thought the tops needed some ooomph. So I stuffed the curtain rod pocket area with tissue paper.  Now they are fluffy and perky at the top. Love!!

If you have been contimplating doing some home made curtains, I totally think you should GO FOR IT!  It was super easy.  Iron on fuseable webbing was so simple!

Have a great day!

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Beverly said...

I still don't have curtains in my living room because I can't find just the right thing...I may have to make my own too

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