Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We found out we have ANOTHER leak in the main water supply line that runs from the outside meter to our house. 

What does this mean? Every house has a main water supply pipe that runs from your water meter to your house, underground. This is the one and only supply line that brings water into your house.  I noticed that our water bill had doubled in the last 2 months, so we knew we had a problem. 

It was easy to diagnose, because this happened to us just last year.

We shut off the master water valve in the crawlspace, then checked the meter outside...the happy little arrows on the meter were still spinning away.  That means...yahoo....another leak. 

Last year when this happened, we had to dig a huge hole through our driveway, dig down 4 feet, replace the leaking pipe section, then fill the hole back up and replace the concrete.  VERY labor intensive.  Hubby did all the work with his dad and uncle, poor guys. 

This time, we are going to have to replace the entire water supply line.  Can you tell how happy I am about this?  NOT!

We have a guy coming out tomorrow to give us a quote on the cost to replace the entire line. (Please be a quote that doesn't make me pass out, please oh please oh please!).   

I think replacing the entire water line is the only way to go so that this whole situation does not become an annual repair-a-thon. 

I know this is a boring subject...but this is the type of stuff that I really detest when it comes to home ownership.  I know all homes have repairs, but REALLY the MAIN water supply line that runs under our DRIVEWAY?!  Let me remind you that this house is only 21 years old.  Let me also remind you that we have only been here for 3 of those 21.  3 years and 2 leaks in the main water supply line....Really?!

All I want to do is paint, and decorate and paint some more.  It really buggers me when the fun projects get totally sidelined by boring and expensive ones....I'm feeling Housecapated!!

Thanks for bearing with me.

UPDATE:  $3500 before tax.  They replaced the line in 1 day.  After the all was said and done, almost $4000 for one afternoon of work.  At least its done now.  Hope this house doesnt have anything major break for a while now. 


Beverly said...

Poor thing...hang in there

Chantel said...

Sounds like so much fun! Home ownership is the best, isn't it? When renting, it's someone else that deal with it. When owning, you get to foot the bill. Good times!

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